[Android] Converting a brick into a phone

Michel michel at xternal.nl
Thu Dec 11 12:17:59 CET 2008

Steve Mosher wrote:

Hi Steve,

>   A list on the wiki of all severe problems and the end user details 
> would be great, especially for future reference. Some of the problems,
> like Buzz, 1024 (recamp) seem to happen to some people and not others.
> I never had the buzz problem, go figure.

I've created the page.

> 1. problems:  WSOD, recamp, Buzz, echo  ( insert gripe)
> 2. End user data:
>     a. email (optional)
>     b. Date code on phone ( under battery)
>     c.  s/n
>      d. p/n
>     e carrier.
>     f. 900Mhz or 850?
>     g distro  etc...

The page links from

And you can find it here:


Please ad fields if necessary

> anything else? It might be nice to know what band the phone is operating 
> on ( 900/1800/1900) if that's possible.

Tell me how I can find that info on the phone :)

> Steve


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