Switching the orientation of the screen

Clemens Dörrhöfer cmd at gmx.net
Thu Dec 11 12:27:04 CET 2008

Valery Febvre wrote:
> Clemens Dörrhöfer wrote:
>> I am starting to learn pygtk and my "helloworld" Project is this 
>> primitiv gui, which lets you switch the orientatin of the screen. I 
>> don't like the automatic switching and with the help of this, I can do 
>> it manually.
>> It's not pretty, but it works. If you find it usefull, feel free to use. 
>> The tar archive contains a mercurial repository so don't hesitate to 
>> send me changelogs if you come along big programming sins.
> I have written some time ago the same application ;-)
> It's called pygtk-rotate and is available on OpenMokoProjects
> http://projects.openmoko.org/projects/pygtk-rotate/
> http://projects.openmoko.org/frs/download.php/434/pygtk-rotate_1.1_armv4t.ipk

Well I guess I have invented the wheel once again. But since this was 
primarly a project for learning pygtk it was no waste of time :-) I have 
some nice ideas, which I want to implement with pygtk and this time I 
will search for it before I create a second wheel.

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