Bad Customer support from about a Broken Battery

Rus rus at
Thu Dec 11 16:36:38 CET 2008

On Wed, 10 Dec 2008, ankostis wrote:

:as a last resort i'm reporting publicly my problems regarding a
:broken-on-arrival battery from after i had ordered from
:them OpenMoko's FR, on August 2008.

 You are lucky - my case is somewhat funnier - I've purchased the Neo 
FreeRunner and debug board from the True Box UK (order #200800435). The 
received package is missed stylus and SD card. After contacting TrueBox 
support service I've got sequentally 3 different answers :

 1. The styluses are gifts from OpenMoko and probably OpenMoko stoped
        their delivery
 2. Laser pens is illegal in my country (I'm living in Ukraine - they are
 3. They proposed to contact delivery company (UPS) and ask why there are
        missing things in package.

 The SD card I have to buy locally, this rare kind of stylus I can't. So I 
will never buy any thing from TrueBox, nor my friends.


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