qwerty keyboard

Will Siddall will.siddall at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 18:46:33 CET 2008

Hey Tony,
One thing you my consider would be try install the
'illume-keyboards-terminal' (found here:
 If you install the 'illume-config-illume' package, you will also be
able to choose your default keyboard as well.

This is what I've been using a lot and it comes with three keyboards
you can flip between.  An 'intelli-type' keyboard (which is alright
for SMS') and a matching numbers/symbols keyboard and then a terminal
keyboard which is a tiny keyboard to be typing any kind of terminal
commands with, but it's still useful.

Until we can get any significant change in using the accelerometers to
automatically rotate the interface and give us a bigger keyboard, this
is what's available.

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