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Dale Maggee antisol at internode.on.net
Fri Dec 12 09:37:44 CET 2008

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I'm having a couple of problems with QT Extended (the fixed version from

1. The predictive keyboard. I deleted the dictionary file as suggested
elsewhere to disable the predictive keyboard, but it still predicts
words which are found in my address book, like people's names, which
makes it even less useful because now it never ever suggests the word
I'm trying to type!

2. The Messaging app - it's doing strange things, like sometimes it
creates duplicates of messages, so I'll see 2 or 3 copies of the same
SMS in my inbox. So I'll move all messages to trash and empty trash,
then a couple of minutes later an SMS will arrive and it'll say '17
messages recieved' and I'll see many duplicates of old messages I just
deleted in my inbox. Also it will only store about 130 messages - is
this storing SMS messages on the SIM? can it be configured to store them
in it's own database?

3. The clock - every time I reboot the device I need to set the clock,
it seems to revert to GMT and not take my timezone into account, or
something. I tried using the 'hwclock --systohc' command but got an error.

4. I'm told that the echo is back (which wasn't there with Trolltech's
QT extended image, the one which didn't ring)

Does anybody have any ideas on any of these things? apart from this and
the fact that I can't run any of the cool software being produced for
2008.x, I like Qt Extended alot!

I'd also like to know if anybody knows if there's a new version of QT
Extended in the works - I've noticed Lorn Potter has been pretty quiet
on these lists lately...

Apologies if this has been asked / solved elsewhere - I had a bit of a
look but couldn't find anything much...

- -Dale
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