[FSO] M4.1 issues (GPS, Suspend)

Olivier Migeot larrycow at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 15:53:53 CET 2008

Hello ev'rybody.

For a few days, I've been testing FSO M4.1, mostly because of my
latest (and noisy) problems with QTE. Just to be safe, I kept QTE on
the internal storage, and put FSO on the SD card. First of all, kudos
to FSO Team : it's really starting to look and feel good. For now,
only two things are preventing me to move "for real" :

 - It looks like the only way to go into suspend is to press the power
button shortly. That's ok for me, but Illume's config is still stating
suspend happens just after blanking, which itself occurs after 30s of
idling. But since I prefer to chose when I suspend, I won't complain
(it's just a little odd). What's worse is that sometimes, after a
while, it gets unable to go to sleep. I can press the power button ten
times, it still stays on. Only way I found for now is to reboot. Not
pretty :/
 - I'm not sure whether this one is a problem or not, and I'd like to
be (sure, that is). I'm completely in love with the cli-framework
command. I mean, this is exactly the reason why I hopped on the
OpenMoko wagon. I can tweak, explore, experiment, and I like that. The
problem is, GPS subsystem doesn't seem to work at all (either through
Zhone, Tango or cli-framework). I launch cli, Request GPS resource
(which took less than 10 secondes). And then, I can wait forever, I
can't see a single satellite (through GetSatellites()). Not even a
little one with a weak signal or anything. gpstime.GetTime() is still
returning 0. Maybe it's just my lack of luck (I'd rather). Some time
ago, I managed to get a fix both with QTE4.4 demo and another (Gtk
based) GPS test app. Is this the normal behaviour of a GwaF (GPS
without a Fix), or not?

Thanks by advance :)


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