[FSO] M4.1 issues (GPS, Suspend)

Antony King ant at truebox.co.uk
Fri Dec 12 17:54:58 CET 2008

This is the behavour I noticed; it seems that the GPS resets itself for some 
reason and then ogpsd/frameworkd can't talk to it any more because it is 
expecting UBX but is getting NMEA. There's a bug #265 against it but not been 
a lot of activity on that recently. Search the mailing list for GPS - it came 
up originally in a debian distro but with the same symptoms so it's most 
likely a frameworkd problem rather than FSO specific.

On FSO M4 , on the GPS app in Zhone, you can get status info for each 
satellite by pressing the unlabled buttons on screen; even without a fix you 
should normally get a few with 'signal unusable' or 'downloading' or 
something other than 'searching' even if you are indoors (for certain values 
of indoors of course).

On Friday 12 December 2008 14:53:53 Olivier Migeot wrote:
> For a few days, I've been testing FSO M4.1, mostly because of my
> problem is, GPS subsystem doesn't seem to work at all (either through
> Zhone, Tango or cli-framework). I launch cli, Request GPS resource
> (which took less than 10 secondes). And then, I can wait forever, I
> can't see a single satellite (through GetSatellites()). Not even a
> little one with a weak signal or anything. gpstime.GetTime() is still
> returning 0. Maybe it's just my lack of luck (I'd rather). Some time
> ago, I managed to get a fix both with QTE4.4 demo and another (Gtk
> based) GPS test app. Is this the normal behaviour of a GwaF (GPS
> without a Fix), or not?
> Thanks by advance :)


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