FreeRunner Happiness

Greg lunved at
Sat Dec 13 01:47:35 CET 2008


With all the recent talk about FR problems I think its a good time to share my 
recent good experiences.

When the kernel with the WSOD fix went into testing I immediately installed a 
clean image on a 2Gb SD card.  I changed the boot params to remove the "ro", 
installed Raster's keyboard, I got rid of the default keyboard, switched to 
the illume theme, changed the "engine" to the "software_x", and imported my 

I've been using it as a daily phone for a week now with no problems. No WSOD 
(Yay!), no recamping issues, only one caller mentioned echo (their end was 
loud, so I turned the vol down - sorted). Everything just worked.  Sure, the 
UI seems a bit slow, and answering calls can take a bit of guessing as to 
when the audio paths are setup, but I'm really happy with it.  I get about 60 
hours before the battery icon starts to go red, which is not a huge amount, 
but easily enough to work with.

Now I have a phone with a notepad, an ebook reader, a PDF reader, and a GPS.  
This means I can always take notes, refer to manuals and locate new sites.  
Since I work for a systems integration company this is great stuff - its like 
having a toolkit and reference set in my pocket.  Oh yeah - it is also a 
phone :-)

Have fun,


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