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Yaroslav Halchenko at
Sat Dec 13 02:03:33 CET 2008

> With all the recent talk about FR problems I think its a good time to share my 
> recent good experiences.

seconded... Sure everybody's mileage varies. At the beginning, I
thought I will be able to play with Freerunner more than I became
capable to do due to time constraints.  Since FR became my primary phone
from the first day I bought it right after it appeared for sales, I had
no chance but to keep it running.

Since some time I switched to FDOM, then I upgraded it with daily
testing, broke it, figured out what was the problem, switched to illume
theme, found why it segfaults in many places (report on the list and in
bugreport about those evil shadows), so I didn't have to switch to
software_x (which is slower), installed russian keyboard, installed more
gadgets of all kinds, and the beast is running nicely -- I do use it as
a daily phone, I do make/receive calls, I do send/receive SMS but really rarely,
I do use GPS from time to time, battery time has improved considerably
so I charge it whenever I recall to do so.

Unfortunately it still does lack some basic phone functionality
(mailbox alters, stable alarm etc), but I bet they will come ;)
Sure thing there are glitches, and many people have different
experience, but so far I see steady growth of improvement/fixes/new
projects/joy. Thus -- I am only thankful to openmoko team and all the
developers/users who spend their precious private time making freerunner
the only thus the best ( ;) ) open-sourced phone.

Keep on good work

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