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Sargun Dhillon wrote:
> we really should bitch out Smedia..., see below for
> contact info), and the GSM echo. I gotta say, well done. Keep it
> coming.
> Smedia's addresses:
> 8F., No.1, Jinshan 7th St., Hsinchu City, Taiwan
> Tel: +886-3-6661166
> Fax: +886-3-5670055
> Addr :9F,No.233-1, Baociao Rd.,Sindian City, Taipei County 23145.Taiwan.
> Tel: +886-2-2918-9958
> Fax: +886-2-2918-9975
> E-mail addresses:
> Marketing at
> Sales at
> If you contact Smedia, please don't say you have a direct affiliation
> with the OM project, I'm sure Sean and Steve would not approve.

This gives me a thought: I seem to recall OM people saying that they
were unsatisfied with Smedia, saying something to the effect that they
felt that Smedia had broken promises with regard to opening up the glamo
(I paraphrase and may remember incorrectly), so maybe they would
approve, maybe we could all petition Smedia - maybe this is even a way
the community can help OM, by harassing Smedia for them...?

- -Dale
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