Navit actions menu layout ?

KaZeR kazer at
Sun Dec 14 14:00:49 CET 2008

Lothar Behrens a écrit :
> Hi,
> today I have installed the current release from navit and it looks 
> much better. But I have a question about the layout of the buttons in 
> the actions panel.
> How to change the layout from horizontal to vertical ?
> The problem: I do not see all of the buttons :-(

Hi Lothar,

Would you be able to make a screenshot of the problem? With the new 
default configuration it should look nice.
I guess that you didn't updated navit.xml (probably not to loose your 
maps settings) and that you don't have uncommented the icon_xs size tag 
for example.
Then you probably miss a few other enhancements :)

Do you have a navit.xml in /home/root/.navit/ ?

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