Graphical GPRS launcher for FSO-based distros

Nathan Kinkade nath at
Sun Dec 14 18:55:44 CET 2008

I recently started using SHR and am very happy with it.  GPRS worked
nicely, but I had no good way of launching it.  Yes, I know, there is
the framework-settings utility, and it works, but it doesn't tell me
the current status or give any feedback other than showing the button
as pressed and sometimes the button would be pressed, yet the
connection failed in the background.

Anyway, I put together a small tool that uses Gtkdialog.  Hopefully it
could be useful to someone else:

It seems to work nicely for me.  It can be used to start the
connection, stop the connection, or to simply find out the current
GPRS status.  It requires Gtkdialog which didn't have a package in the
SHR repository, so I built an ipk from the latest sources.  It's the
first ipk I ever built, so it's surely of low quality in terms of
metadata, but it works:


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