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"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at
Sun Dec 14 21:25:42 CET 2008

Nathan Kinkade wrote:
> Have you modified navit.xml?  In this version there is an option to
> set the gui to a mode called "internal," which is optimized for small
> screens.  For the "internal" gui type you can also specify icon size.
> I believe the default opkg specifies "internal," but doesn't set the
> icon size, though there is a sample line in the config file for the
> Neo.
> I don't like modifying the default /usr/share/navit/navit.xml, so I like to
> # mkdir ~/.navit
> # cp /usr/share/navit/navit.xml  ~/.navit/
> Edit that file, then search for "internal."  Around line 30 you'll see
> a sample setting for <gui /> for the Neo.  Uncomment that, then
> comment out the other <gui /> element just below it.
> I also found this setting quite nice: a few more lines down there are
> number of <osd /> elements (On Screen Display), set zoom_in, zoom_out,
> and gui_internal_fullscreen to enabled and disable the rest.  This
> will give you transparent zoom in and zoom out buttons in the bottom
> corners, and a fullscreen toggle in the upper left corner.  In
> fullscreen mode and with this "internal" gui type, Navit is really
> looking like a consumer level map/navigation program on the Neo.

GUI Internal has some issues (read more at [1]) to me, so I prefer using
the GTK gui without all but the menu bar. Those are is my navit.xml gui

<gui type="gtk" menubar="1" toolbar="0" statusbar="0" />
        <osd enabled="yes" type="compass"/>
        <osd enabled="yes" type="eta"/>
        <osd enabled="yes" type="navigation"/>
        <osd enabled="yes" type="button" x="-96" y="-96"
	     command="zoom_in" src="zoom_in.xpm"/>
        <osd enabled="yes" type="button" x="0" y="-96"
	     command="zoom_out" src="zoom_out.xpm"/>

It's quite good to me... Just two things:
 - The cursor should be bigger (mainly with a "bolder" outline) and its
   colors (I've set also color2) should be set to other values (more
   different to the main street colors).
 - The ETA and Navigation OSD boxes should be bigger too. It's quite
   hard to look at them while driving (I'm keeping the FR near my
   steering wheel but it's hard to read them anyway).

Ah, I forgot to say that after this upgrade (I used the packages linked
in the wiki before) navit seems to suggest me to turn too many times
also if I'm still keeping the main way (using the Reiserplaner maps).


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