Navit actions menu layout ?

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Sun Dec 14 21:57:42 CET 2008

Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
> It's quite good to me... Just two things:
>  - The cursor should be bigger (mainly with a "bolder" outline) and its
>    colors (I've set also color2) should be set to other values (more
>    different to the main street colors).

I've configured it a little... Using these vehicle settings the cursor
is slightly better:

<vehicle name="Local GPS" enabled="no" active="1" 		
	 source="gpsd://localhost" gpsd_query="w+xj"
	 color="#0000ff" color2="#00ff00">
            <cursor w="26" h="26">
                    <circle color="#33ffff" radius="30" width="15">
                        <coord x="0" y="0"/>
                <itemgra speed_range="-2">
                    <polyline color="#ff00ff" width="20">
                        <coord x="0" y="0"/>
                        <coord x="0" y="0"/>
                <itemgra speed_range="3-">
                    <polyline color="#ff0000" width="5">
                        <coord x="-7" y="-10"/>
                        <coord x="0" y="12"/>
                        <coord x="7" y="-10"/>

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