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Samuel Pereira email at samuelpereira.net
Sun Dec 14 22:32:36 CET 2008


Do you have any place where you put the changes that you have made in every daily image?

I read a lot of emails from people telling that FreeRunner dont have the basic things working...
I have flash a lot of versions, to test and to find what is the best for me...

And the last one, is the daily testing image with Om, from 11/12/2008.
I can say that i'm very happy with this version, and is only testing, not a release.

I can make/receive calls, and send/receive sms - Basic to a mobile right?
I have calculator, calendar, text editor, file browser, web Browser, terminal, and a basic piano also :)

I have a GPS receiver, that work great with TangoGPS, in a good place, i can get a fix, on less than 5 minutes with GPS turned ON.
I have Wifi, in my home and places with wireless i can use it... and works great.
Suspend/Resume, works great too.

The battery life, is almost 2 days... 

I think this is more than basic!


Thanks for work!

Samuel (Portugal)

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