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Bernd Prünster bernd.pruenster at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 22:38:36 CET 2008

Yogiz schrieb:
> On Sun, 14 Dec 2008 19:58:00 +0100
> Martino <manda.mgf at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Yuo have installed (bad english sorry!) illume-config and
>> illume-config-illume? and after the reboot in the new illume config
>> (at the top in the pager when is expanded) the keyboard at defoult..
> illume-config and illume-config-illume were already installed when I
> started messing around. I don't know if they're included in the testing
> image or were dependencies for some other piece of software.
> Reboot or no reboot, I either have the default qtopia keyboard if I add
> nothing/comment out the line in qtopia89 or have nothing at all if I
> add it there or in my .profile.
> Yogiz
what about that:
decompile the asu and the illume theme with edje_decc (follow wiki 
then copy the keyboard part from the illume.edc into the asu.edc

the buildscript will probably reporte an error about "size:...not known" 
or something like that. delete the line that causes the error and re-run 
build.sh. i customized my theme, when i was using 2008.9 and it worked 
(you have to copy the pngs that the illume theme uses for the virtual 
keyboard into the aus.theme working directory, ofcourse!)
this should work, since you already have the qwerty button in the top bar

backup your asu theme (just the edj file) before you try this

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