No more optimization team

David Garabana Barro david at
Mon Dec 15 13:37:43 CET 2008

On Monday 15 December 2008 11:18:03 Yogiz wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Dec 2008 19:38:31 +1100

> > FWIW I can receive calls when suspected with Qt Extended.
> As can I with 2008.9 testing.

I have tried all those, you can believe me. Even the latest OM testing image 
fails for me.

I also suspect nearly all my suspend/resume failures are related to #1024. I'm 
just waiting to SHR to fail on a suspend/resume cycle.
Qtextended (every version), 2008.x (I've tried all), FSO, FDOM, fails for me 
sooner or later. And the sympthoms are allways the same. They resume until 
they simply stop answering power buttom press. There is not WSOD, they simply 
doesn't try to resume. I have to "hard reset" (get off battery and wait a 
couple seconds) for Neo to "revive".
It normally, but nor allways, happens after a long suspend cycle.

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