Newer Navit [was: geocaching with tangoGPS on FR]

Dan Staley dlstal2 at
Mon Dec 15 16:05:28 CET 2008

I downloaded the tar and it definitely looks ALOT nicer and feels more
stable than the version I tried out before!  Great job!

One question though, I tried to follow the wiki to get a new map loaded,
I downloaded the planet.bin file and moved it to the FR, and made a xml
file for it (looks just like the one included for the test map, but to
planet.bin)...but whenever I load up navit, I just get a brown screen
where the map should be.  Is there something else that is required?

-Dan Staley

On Sun, 2008-12-14 at 03:09 -0500, KaZeR wrote:
> Dan Staley a écrit :
> > Where could we find this new package?  Is it the one linked to on the
> > wiki?  I'd like to try it out on my debian install.
> >
> > -Dan Staley
> >   
> Ah, sorry, i forgot the link.
> You will find there nightly builds for every kind of supported platforms.
> BTW, the build from this night contains a new feature: background 
> search. Might be a bit buggy, feedback wanted!

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