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Mon Dec 15 17:19:33 CET 2008

* It's still more reliable and easy to use a 20EUR cellphone than use
the FR as a daily phone, more than six months after Openmoko said it
was mass market ready. I love the FR, but should we admit that some
things really went wrong? (for example working on a graphical
installer app before telephony worked fine, or when everyone was
craving for the qwerty button (I never heard even one user who said he
didn't want it) and nobody listened? Will things change?

*do you use the FR? As your daily phone? Why not? Which distro do you
prefer? Which app is your favorite?

*how many FR's haven been sold? (if possible some statistics with
regards to continents/countries)

* _guess_ the ETA of GTA03

* show us a funny pic of you in a openmoko t-shirt and geek-cap

On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 4:43 PM, Minh Ha Duong <haduong at> wrote:
> Dear friends,
>  Sean kindly agreed to be interviewed for the next edition of the Community
> Update newsletter. I invite every subscriber of this list to post the
> question or questions that s-he cares about most. No gloves. The general
> topic is "Openmoko, the community, past-present-future", but yours truly will
> select with undue care the 3-5 most interesting / provocative / popular /
> relevant / funny / whatever and forward them to Sean next Monday. You may
> send your questions in this mailing list thread or privately to me.
> Minh
> PS: Everybody knows that Sean Moss-Pultz is Openmoko CEO, but you may also be
> interested to find that many of his past interviews are available here:
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