Ask Sean Moss-Pultz about community matters

Timo Juhani Lindfors timo.lindfors at
Mon Dec 15 17:44:07 CET 2008

"Yorick Moko" <yorickmoko at> writes:
> * It's still more reliable and easy to use a 20EUR cellphone than use
> the FR as a daily phone, more than six months after Openmoko said it
> was mass market ready. I love the FR, but should we admit that some
> things really went wrong? (for example working on a graphical
> installer app before telephony worked fine, or when everyone was
> craving for the qwerty button (I never heard even one user who said he
> didn't want it) and nobody listened? Will things change?

I realize you are asking Sean but I can't resist giving my own
opinion: I've been thinking along the same lines. However, the
workaround to GSM bug #1024 was really not easy to discover (it relied
on undocumented AT command that afaik was not even in the NDA'd source
code openmoko people have access to). Also, the wlan issues required
deep kernel knowledge. Asking people who do pretty UIs to stop before
these are resolved probably does not do much good since they could not
help with the lower level stuff anyway?

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