Ask Sean Moss-Pultz about community matters

Marcel tanuva at
Mon Dec 15 22:34:54 CET 2008

Am Monday 15 December 2008 21:13:56 schrieb Tim Dobson:
> Yorick Moko wrote:
> > *do you use the FR? As your daily phone? Why not? Which distro do you
> > prefer? Which app is your favorite?
> What phone is in your pocket right now?

None. My Nokia 3510i is lying round here somewhere and doing quite nothing 
except displaying a clock.

> What distro is it running? Why?

Don't ask me such things... I don't think it's one of the Nokias that run 
Symbian already... Some proprietary piece of code probably. But it can dial 
reliably! And I can even understand the other party. Killer-feature.
(No, I'm not cynic here, I just state reality. :) )

> What do you use your phone for the most?

Send an SMS or two every two months.

> What distros have you tried?

Oh. I didn't know I can change the distro this bone is running... But I've 
tried several on my Neo: QTE, Qtopia, ASU, testing, FDOM (in some earlier 
stage, didn't get back so far). ATM it is running the base image with the GSM stack and zhone (kinda annoying sometimes, gotta get 
my hands dirty on paroli. If I could only get that to run in turn...)

> What other portable consumer electronics do you use on a regular basis?

My iPod Photo. Apple may be evil, but they produce damn good hard- and 
software. Still it's running Rockbox from time to time.

> Who in the community, after yourself, deserves praise for their
> achievements which might otherwise go unnoticed?

Me myself! I created this awesome wiki page with links to EFL 
Documentation! :D

> What is the most pointless application on the Freerunner?

OpenMooCow! AFAIK there's some joke about it (except mooing), but probably I'm 
not old enough to be able know that... But still: This app may do nothing but 
mooing - THIS is something we really need. People who simply have fun doing 
strange geeky things. :)

> What is the most interesting thing you have seen the Freerunner used for?

There was an idea half a year or so around using it as an earthquake warner, 
that sounded quite interesting.

> Which is your favourite Freerunner joke?

Atm it's just walking (rather hobbling)... :P

People out there: Do not forget having FUN with this device! It may not work 
perfectly (does it at all?) yet, but this is something unique we must keep 


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