Ask Sean Moss-Pultz about community matters

Michael Zanetti michael_zanetti at
Mon Dec 15 23:35:31 CET 2008

On Monday 15 December 2008 21:13:56 Tim Dobson wrote:
> What phone is in your pocket right now?

My good old Sony Ericsson M600i.

> What distro is it running? Why?

M600i: Symbian UIQ3. Is it possible to install linux on it?
Neo: currently SHR preview because I _really_ like the look and feel... 
Hopefully the final version will perform a little bit better...

> What do you use your phone for the most?

M600i: Telephony.
Neo: Flashing the latest and hottest stuff on it, pimping till the software is 
completely smashed... Flashing, pimping, braking.

> What distros have you tried?

Om2007.2, Om2008.8, FSO, Android, SHR, Qtopia (and QTE), FDOM, Debian. Haven't 
tried ubuntu or gentoo yet on my Neo.

> What other portable consumer electronics do you use on a regular basis?

Nokia N810

> Who in the community, after yourself, deserves praise for their
> achievements which might otherwise go unnoticed?

The guy who wrote openmoocow! No... honestly, everyone contributing to this 
great project deserves praise!

> What is the most pointless application on the Freerunner?

What question... OpenMooCow of course... But even if its kinda useless, it's 
one of the mosed used openmoko apps here (after dfu-util :) ).
Did you know that also Windows Mobile has a MooCow, although it is not open :P

> What is the most interesting thing you have seen the Freerunner used for?

Running KDE4. Hopefully some day plasma will perform good enough on such small 
devices that we have a KDE phone edition or something like that...

> Which is your favourite Freerunner joke?

Q: What is the difference between a professional photographer and OM user? 
A: The OM user has to flash more often :)

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