Trying to get support for some Neo setup problems...

roguemoko at roguemoko at
Mon Dec 15 23:43:26 CET 2008

Hi John,

dowd wrote:
> I hope someone here can direct me to the correct forum for this.
> I have a Neo (No SIMM card in it!!) and I had the wifi access to my
> Access Point all configured. I was trying to configure this to be
> automated at startup of the Neo and had no problems. Then, I just
> rebooted the Neo (I had changed something on my Access Point, not the
> Neo) and the Neo stopped being able to boot successfully. I get the
> following lines on the screen after it has just stopped booting:
> [  204.715000] PM:Removing info for No Bus:vcs2
> [  204.720000] PM:Removing info for No Bus:vcsa2
> Essentially the Neo is now a brick. I'm wondering where to go from
> here. I have installed 2008 version of the s/w on the phone.

Unfortunately without the exact steps you took to get into this 
situation, we're unable to determine the correct steps to get you out.

The most generic answers would be:

1). Reflash with your preferred distribution.
2). Boot from SD Card, access the flash memory and correct your mistake.

Although I'm not sure if '2)' is possible as I've never tried. I've only 
ever come in from the other direction (modify SD from flash).

Potentially, if it is simply the x server not starting, you may still be 
able to ssh in via usb and correct your mistake.

Good luck!


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