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Tue Dec 16 02:40:36 CET 2008

Kosa wrote:
> I know you don't need/have to explan that, and I'm not really sure if 
> I'd like to know
> what happened, but two of the best hackers are gone, and they could have 
> help a lot
> more as full time OM developers.

I'm curious about this too... However I've read their explanations and I
figure that they say everything there.

BTW I'm totally agreeing that great hackers like Harald and Carsten (two
of the best ones working respectively in low-level and GUI things)
should have kept in the conditions to rest.

Maybe Sean could say us something about the management that doesn't seem
to be loved by our hackers...

PS: Ah, why design team is so important to decide about keeping an
un-wanted keyboard like the Qtopia predictive in Om2008?!?

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