[SHR] network link down on windows after opkg update

KaZeR kazer at altern.org
Tue Dec 16 13:07:51 CET 2008

Julien Cassignol a écrit :
>> I was using a jffs from 3 or 4 days ago, only the opkg upgrade from this
>> morning broke some things (i didn't reflash yet).
>> And breakage is part of development, so, it just happens :)
> Well, as I said before, it may happen that an opkg upgrade will break
> things. We can't, at this point of our development, plan an update
> path for every little update. This is time consuming, and, even more
> disturbing, we don't have enough devices to test that anyway :-)
In fact there was an hidden question :)
Do you recommend currently to flash or to opkg upgrade to avoid breakage?

I do understand that things may break. No problem. Just trying to reduce 
the odds ;)
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