Trying to get support for some Neo setup problems...

john dowd jdowdster at
Tue Dec 16 16:23:14 CET 2008

> Unfortunately without the exact steps you took to get into this
> situation, we're unable to determine the correct steps to get you out.
> The most generic answers would be:
> 1). Reflash with your preferred distribution.
> 2). Boot from SD Card, access the flash memory and correct your mistake.
> Although I'm not sure if '2)' is possible as I've never tried. I've only
> ever come in from the other direction (modify SD from flash).
> Potentially, if it is simply the x server not starting, you may still be
> able to ssh in via usb and correct your mistake.

The exact steps? I used opkg to install the 2008 load. I was using the
phone as a wifi device to attach to my Access Point. I was more
interested in what was going on on my Access Point so I did not modify
the working wifi connection from my Neo (or any other things on the
Neo). At one point it just stopped booting properly. It displays the
openmoko splash screen for quite some time and then goes to the "boot"
loading screen showing that it's 45% loaded and never moves from that
point. After a few moments it displays the text lines from my previous

My point is that without modifying files on my Neo, it starts to
behave differently.

I have even more strange behaviour to report. After several reboot
attempts (but no modifications to the Neo) it suddenly booted properly
and I was up and running again. This was true for the last few hours.
Now, it just started to behave badly once again. I am still testing my
Access Point and the Neo gets "booted" quite a few times. its plugged
into the power supply. Since I want the Neo to come up on its own I
don't use the power switch/Gui to turn it off. I bring up a terminal
and type in "reboot".

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