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sorry it took a bit.

As there was not much response I thought this might be due to lack of
communication from my part. I have to admit paroli is rather well hidden
right now, but I am working to change that.

So far I am happy to say, that after some hard work and great help by
many of the Openmoko team, we managed to merge paroli and tichy to a
"proof of concept" version, which currently is available as a single
package version under the name of "tichy".

The package can be found in the testing repository and installed via
opkg. It does allow basic telephony, messaging and contacts
administration. However, it is by no means stable. We combined 2
approaches that still need to find their boundaries in their new marriage.

One of the results of the rather turbulent honeymoon is that you have to
fiddle 2 small things in the package as not all last minute changes were
equally distributed across all files ;)

Once "opkg install tichy" is processing, It will create desktop files
which allow you to start tichy and the applications. For the dbus
service to work you need to add 2 files.


<!DOCTYPE busconfig PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD D-BUS Bus Configuration
    <policy user="root">
        <allow own="org.tichy.launcher"/>
        <allow send_path="/Launcher"/>
        <allow send_destination="org.tichy.launcher"/>
        <allow receive_sender="org.tichy.launcher"/>

to /etc/dbus-1/system.d with the name tichy.conf


[D-BUS Service]

to /usr/share/dbus-1/system-services with the name

We hope to improve our coordination to minimize those small but yet
fatal glitches, but 12000km and 7hrs distance can be rather tricky ;)

Once you fixed the two files you should press the TLauncher icon on your
desktop. It will need to work a bit, depending on the network and such
up to 25 sec actually. Than you can use the tele, people, messages or
i/o icon to launch any of the applications. In the miserable event that
it crashes simply press the TLauncher icon again, copy the error message
from /tmp/tichy.log into your favorite mail-client and pop us a mail ;)

Please to not be scared by unexpected colors or a rather incomplete
design. We focused on the interaction of the different parts and
languages to see if it was possible to build a scalable phone-stack in
python and efl which would against all odds not make its user wait for
too long. Certainly you will have to wait every now and again, but we
are confident we can solve these issues and provide a set of tools that
will allow for easy and fast development.

As I wrote this package has proof of concept status and we are currently
trying to define our next steps in order to see how we will proceed, but
we are happy to have reached this point and are thirsty for more ;)

Stay tuned for updates!


Giorgio Marci wrote:
> Hi to all,
> does someone has tasted the application paroli to manage calls, messages
> and contacts?
> is this a working release? which is the development status?
> thanks
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