AT&T sim 71234G 3022 not working in FR

Rajendran Thirupugalsamy rajendran.thirupugal at
Tue Dec 16 23:04:18 CET 2008


My AT&T sim 71234G 3022 is not working in Neo Freerunner.
This sim is shown as working one in the link. (My sim exactly resembles the
one listed as working)

When I use a 71234O 4122 sim card it is working.

What are my options now ?
1. sim card seating: As specified in a number of places I am still trying to
reseat the sim and somehow make it work
2. GSM flashing as in  I am not
sure it will work as I have a new Freerunner.
3. Cheap gsm sim cards: Any cheap simcards that have high possibility to
work ? and options where I can buy.

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