Trying to get support for some Neo setup problems...

roguemoko at roguemoko at
Wed Dec 17 00:05:44 CET 2008

john dowd wrote:
> My point is that without modifying files on my Neo, it starts to
> behave differently.
> I have even more strange behaviour to report. After several reboot
> attempts (but no modifications to the Neo) it suddenly booted properly
> and I was up and running again. This was true for the last few hours.
> Now, it just started to behave badly once again. I am still testing my
> Access Point and the Neo gets "booted" quite a few times. its plugged
> into the power supply. Since I want the Neo to come up on its own I
> don't use the power switch/Gui to turn it off. I bring up a terminal
> and type in "reboot".

Ah ... are you running from SD Card already or from flash?

This sort of behaviour is typical of unsupported SD Cards. If you are 
running from SD, what size is it? There are some tricks to get some 
cards working but I have had success with all 2GB cards.

If you are running from nand, all I could suggest is a u-boot upgrade. 
Outside of that maybe there are hardware issues?


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