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btw, no, those are not subsidized prices... these are examples of
blackberries and treos that have recently been offered online by a
major us retailer (unlocked, so therefore not subsidized by any cell
service provider  ... they are prolly overstocks)

ummm, well, so
if there's anybody out there with a new or forerunner used that i could
buy for $50 (can pick up in south florida) please write me!  i'm dying
to test one out!  merry xmas.

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Sargun Dhillon wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 2:20 PM, mike <wmichaeltrout at>
>> ok, with all the old smartphones going on sale unlocked for as low as
>> $99-$149, how soon can i buy a moko for $99 (i'd prolly take
> Those are subsidized prices. Sometimes you can get them used for $99.
> I never buy used phones as they usually are broken.

Umm It's not too hard to work out actually.

For the Neo 1973:
Find 3 current owners who aren't using it and make them an offer.

For the Neo Freerunner:
Wait til GTAv3 is released and then watch as the price of second hand
Freerunners plummet as all the developers and hackers upgrade...
For better or for worse, they all will. there's community for you.

Well... there's the answer. Don't ask me when GTAv3 will be released
though... :p

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