[FSO] Building

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at openmoko.org
Wed Dec 17 00:26:50 CET 2008

Am Tuesday 16 December 2008 17:23:49 schrieb Arigead:
> My other question is that I built the kernel using toolchain [1]
> instructions and my bitbake fso-image also built the kernel. I assume
> that I can use the toolchain produced kernel and the bitbake produced
> filesystem.
> Can I tell Bitbake not to waste it's time building the kernel?

Try adding 

ASSUME_PROVIDED += "virtual/kernel" or
ASSUME_PROVIDED += "linux-openmoko"

to your local.conf.

If it goes through (might not work because of missing module packages), you 
will have missing modules in your rootfs though.

(Nearby: A kernel build is quick... I would just let bitbake build it. You 
don't have to use it)


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