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> On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 12:54 AM, The Rasterman Carsten Haitzler
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> > i listened... i was the one who put it there to start with as i knew it was
> > needed/wanted. i haven't been doing ui's for x/linux for over a decade for
> > nothing :)
> >
> sorry, forget to add an exception for you.
> you listened (also on irc) and (i'm sure) defended our interests when
> you were employed by openmoko

i hope i did. i like to be frank and open about anything. even when i disagree
with you guys - i make sure i fully argue my case and why. maybe the community
will then go "ooooh now that makes sense!" or... maybe you convince me i'm
wrong :) it always should work out for the best. most of the time things are
just a matter of "not enough hours in the day to do everything". i come from
the community - have been doing oss dev for a long time - and intend to

i do hope openmoko succeeds. it would be a shame that a great concept like an
open phone you really can hack any way you like (be you a qte person, or you
like your android, or you prefer your x world with windowmanagers you choose -
or write yourself) and know that the producer is NOT putting barriers between
you and getting the stuff you want - not artificial ones like closing
documentation, putting signed bootloaders that require signed kernel/os
images etc. etc., simply technical ones that are a pure bi-product of the
hardware as-is. this should not die. it holds promise for the community and
many others besides. so here's thumbs up to om so in the future the promise of
an open phone doesn't die with the freerunner. :)

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