SD card read error in u-boot

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Wed Dec 17 08:04:23 CET 2008


Harald Koenig <koenig at> writes:
> I tried to switch from the original 512MB SD card (which works fine with my gta02v5)
> to a 2GB Kingston card labeled SDC/2GB 30870-001.A00LF TAIWAN.  but with this 2GB card
> I get read errors even in u-boot (both NOR from May 9 and NAND from
> Oct 7).

As far as i understand u-boot is considered somewhat deprecated and
has known problems with some SD cards. The "stable" kernel doesn't
include the latest SD fixes too, AFAIK.

So, try Qi (preferably from git HEAD). And try andy-tracking (at least
c59a8bdc7ca4b547 or so, as resume was broken before).

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