Bad Customer support from about a Broken Battery

Steve Mosher steve at
Wed Dec 17 08:56:24 CET 2008

Rus wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Dec 2008, Steve Mosher wrote:
> :The standard package does not come with a stylus or a SD card.
> :
> :For the first few months of sales we shipped the laser stylus and the 
> :512MB card as gifts or extras for single pack purchases.
> :
> :Subsequently we substituted a regular stylus as opposed to the Laser 
> :Stylus/pen/pointer and stopped shipping the 512MB cards as they are
> :difficult to source.
> :
> :check the green label on the box exterior. It should have the proper box 
> :contents.
> :
>  I've purchased single pack + debug board at beginning of september. On 
> the green paper strip around the black box is clearly printed :
> "Package includes: USB cable, stylus+laser pen, AC adapter, 1200mAh Li-ion
> rechargable battery".

i changed the green strip in october and replaces the laser pen/stylus 
with a stylus.
>  So when I visit - there was no 
> mention at all that part of the listed package content is a gift ;)
>  Anyway, it is very wise to ship mobile device with touchscreen without 
> stylus, especially Neo, wich is not intented to operate without it. Or 
> may be you have another Neo experience ?

>  I was not impressed by missed package contents, but OpenMoko attention to 
> my letter, in which I was asking help to clarify things - they didn't 
> answer at all ;(
>  Ok, let's close this silly thread and concentrate at developing ;)

it very possible you recieved an improperly packed box. in sept it 
should have had a laser pen and 512 sdcard. email me privately.
> :
> :
> 		Rus

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