Stage of GTA03 development?

Laszlo KREKACS laszlo.krekacs.list at
Wed Dec 17 10:39:21 CET 2008

> Depending on the feature set that can cut both ways. It could also be a case
> of "I was going to wait for gta03, but I absolutely can't have a phone with a
> camera so I may as well get gta02 now" for example. A must have for one
> person can be a deal breaker for another. I pick the camera as an example as
> I used to work on a site where cameras weren't allowed, but keypads and
> screen resolution have polarised opinions before too.


I'm interesting only in two things:
- camera (I assume yes, because of the camera interface of cpu;
  would be rather dumb not using it)
- better case design (the current one is not even in the league with
other phones;-|)

For case design, I find these (among others) great:
- iphone

In short: not make anything as stupid as a lanyard hole.

I hope these features will be untouched:
- vga screen
- touchscreen
- wifi
- gps
- usb host
- sd card

I expect these bugfixes:
- better rfi design (no echo/buzz and ugly workarounds around them)
- better audio quality
- no glamo
- better battery management (change the current PCF50633 PMU unit)
- better 2D performance (should be achievable with the new samsung s3c6410 cpu)
- better SD handling (straightforward, if you remove the glamo)

For me the release date is not important. I can wait one year without
buying a freerunner,
if it takes 1-2 year I will consider freerunner as an option, but
likely I will buy an another

Best regards,

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