Stage of GTA03 development?

Evgeny Karyakin anthropophagite at
Wed Dec 17 11:29:23 CET 2008

2008/12/17 Laszlo KREKACS <laszlo.krekacs.list at>:
> For case design, I find these (among others) great:
> -
> -
> - iphone

   Dunno... First link propose a case suggesting iPhone look, I think
we shouldn't follow everything Apple come out with, and I second to
pill case. When I first saw GTA02 look, I thought it's ugly, but that
was just because it's unusual; now I like it and like a bottom hole
around antenna.
   With relation to Raster's case, if you're going to get sliding
number keyboard, we just enter a troublesome field of hardware
modification difficulties as infamous buzz/echo problem has proved us:
* It's a moving part and can be broken.
* Software developers will enforce heavier requirement on users to use
keyboard; programs can become more difficult to use without it.
* Localization issues. Hopefully Openmoko (phones) will be wide-spread
across the world, but will Openmoko (company) be able to make several
lingual versions of keyboard?

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