[Any distro?] Funny, very old SIM card not detected

Abelenda diego.abelenda at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 11:57:26 CET 2008

I came across a really funny thing when trying to get rid of the WSOD.

First a little explaining about what I know about my problem:
android rootfs doesn't detect my sim card (a card that is more than 3
years old), the thing is that the official releases of Om (including
the testing ones) detect the sim... but any other distro fails...

well in the case of Android, this is more than simply not detecting it,
there are 3 cases with equal probability.

1. doesn't tell anything about a sim card
2. doesn't ask me for my pin and says there is "no service"
3. asks my pin but doesn't try to unlock the sim and asks me my pin
immediately after saying "failed" (I can do it any number of times and
it will not lock my sim)

others distro doesn't do anything.

Well Om200.9-testing 20081216 works for me, I can use my
freerunner as a daily phone with it, so I let this matter for later,
but just now I flashed andy-tracking kernel (the binary on his
"storage", to get rid of the WSOD) and Om2008.9-testing
doesn't asks me for my pin anymore so where is my question(s)

is it normal due to the /sys changes?
is it a kernel bug ? (shouldn't as the calypso is connected via serial
port there shouldn't be any kernel related problem, except a serial
related bug, that should not have been overlooked for so long...).
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