[Any distro?] Funny, very old SIM card not detected

Dima Kogan dkogan at cds.caltech.edu
Wed Dec 17 12:03:35 CET 2008

What's the model of the SIM card? I've had an issue where an old SIM
card would only register after a few minutes, and some distros had a
bug where they'd get confused if the registration didn't happen early
enough. Qtopia would register fine, but Android and anything using FSO
would not. See http://trac.freesmartphone.org/ticket/255

On Wed, 17 Dec 2008 11:57:26 +0100
Abelenda <diego.abelenda at gmail.com> wrote:

> I came across a really funny thing when trying to get rid of the WSOD.
> First a little explaining about what I know about my problem:
> android rootfs doesn't detect my sim card (a card that is more than 3
> years old), the thing is that the official releases of Om (including
> the testing ones) detect the sim... but any other distro fails...
> well in the case of Android, this is more than simply not detecting
> it, there are 3 cases with equal probability.
> 1. doesn't tell anything about a sim card
> 2. doesn't ask me for my pin and says there is "no service"
> 3. asks my pin but doesn't try to unlock the sim and asks me my pin
> immediately after saying "failed" (I can do it any number of times and
> it will not lock my sim)
> others distro doesn't do anything.
> Well Om200.9-testing 20081216 works for me, I can use my
> freerunner as a daily phone with it, so I let this matter for later,
> but just now I flashed andy-tracking kernel (the binary on his
> "storage", to get rid of the WSOD) and Om2008.9-testing
> doesn't asks me for my pin anymore so where is my question(s)
> is it normal due to the /sys changes?
> is it a kernel bug ? (shouldn't as the calypso is connected via serial
> port there shouldn't be any kernel related problem, except a serial
> related bug, that should not have been overlooked for so long...).

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