Version 2 -- New community distribution hackable1

Didier Raboud didier at
Wed Dec 17 15:22:18 CET 2008

Didier Raboud wrote:

> Marcus Bauer wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> fully in the spirit of "release early, release often" we want to
>> announce hackable:1, a new distribution for the Neo and other hackable
>> devices.
>> What is hackable:1 ?
>> ====================
> distributions = distributions + 1

Just to be a little more precise: 

* This is not a judgment of quality of the given distribution.
* I dislike the fact that the community (companies and individuals) forces
are going in N directions, with N growing.
* I don't think that multiplying the _distributions_ is doing any good to
the OpenMoko ecosystem as whole.
* What seems to lack is not _the perfect packaging scheme_ nor _the good
assembly of softwares_. It's "rock-solid basis functionality".

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