Stage of GTA03 development?

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Wed Dec 17 16:28:36 CET 2008

sorry I was a bit too ironical in my answer. So let me explain.


Am 17.12.2008 um 15:24 schrieb Leonti Bielski:

> Nikolaus, I don't get what's wrong with my questions?

Nothing is wrong with the questions. Only expecting precise answers  
from the project team before there is an official annoucement of a new  
device. That is what I allude to with my comments.

I have no inside information but I know from other such projects that  
there is not really a decision being taken at a certain time that can  
be published before the first samples come out of the factory.

It is always possible in such projects to have late changes and revise  
some previously done decisions. E.g. making the device a little  
larger. Removing a camera because the supplier can't deliver etc.

For the GTA01 and 02 the OM hardware team has been more open - but  
they also had to discuss endlessly about changed decisions and  
slipping time schedules. This draws a lot of attention from the real  
project and does not help to make it faster.

> 1. About the case design - it  was a poll on ML about different types
> of case - with keypad, without, slider, etc. So I think it make sense
> to ask what was finally chosen.

It could also be that nothing has been choosen yet. Or several  
variants of which one will finally reach production. So what should OM  
officially say today?

> 2. GSM chip:
> Look in here how many chips were considered:
> It makes sense to ask which one was chosen, doesn't it?

Mickey has given a statement showing a clear preference. But until it  
has been purchased in quantities, shipped to the factory and prepared  
for production, it is not finally "choosen".

> 3. GTA03 is internal codename, like GTA01 and GTA02, but they are
> called Neo1973 and Neo Freerunner. I seriously doubt GTA03 will go on
> sale with GTA03 name.

Yes, I doubt as well. But fixing the brand name is not required until  
approx. 2 months before launch. If we assume (which can be completely  
wrong) that launch is in Summer - nothing could have been choosen at  

As said before, I don't know about their internal project plans and  
how good they achieved any milestones.

> 4 and 5, don't want even bother to comment this.

There is no specific availability announced. And no price. So the only  
thing we can guess from the outside is that they will have a  
comparable price to other devices and devices will come when they are  

> Leonti
>>> Hello!
>>> As proud Freerunner owner I'm interested in how the development of
>>> GTA03 goes.
>>> I'm not going to buy it - there is still a lot of fun with FR, but  
>>> it
>>> would be interesting to know something about next open phone.
>>> Wiki page is outdated and there is no updates on ML.
>>> Does someone know how everything is going with gta03?
>>> 1. What case design is chosen?
>> A good one.
>>> 2. What gsm chip?
>> The best one!
>>> 3. How will it be called?
>> GTA03!
>>> 4. When is release date (+/- 3 month :)) ?
>> 12:00 (I don't know on which day)
>>> 5. Price estimate.
>> Comparable to others.
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