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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| i have been reading about this fix for a couple weeks now and how it
| is in andy-tracking and testing and how it was supposed to be in
| stable "soon."  reading your email, andy, i assume that it is now in

Nicolas' patches went in to our stable kernel 12 days ago, but when the
various distros update to that, or if they want to use some different
kernel tree is up to them.

| so, my question is: what is the easiest way to get the wsod fix.
| which distro, which uimage, etc.  my choice would be to use andy
| tracking since that seems to be the future but i understand that most
| of the distros will have some broken bits due to some changes.
| this is really the last annoyance for me in using the phone on a
regular basis.

The kernel packages in testing repository have the workaround:

The ones in the unstable repo lack it (?)  Anyway the ones in the
unstable repo should shortly become andy-tracking based, but not,
evidently, yet.

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