Using qi and booting from SD-cart (Andy Green)

jos jos at
Wed Dec 17 23:02:48 CET 2008

Hello Andy,
thanks for reacting. still have some questions if I may?

Somebody in the thread at some point said:
        | Hello,
        | I'm using qi-s3c2442-master_2ad3ce6ff57753e3.udfu
        | 01-Dec-2008 02:23   26K
        | and a sd card (came with FR 512) with ext3 and I have put the
        | kernel-file into /boot as uImage-GTA02.bin (yes I renamed it)
        Sounds good.
Is the renaming needed? or can I use the origional kernel name?

        | Then I powerdown my FR (battery out), put the battery back in
        and press
        | power hold it down and press AUX.
        You shouldn't need to press AUX
Just using power button the first line is shown very briefly and than
the black screen again. using power button 2nd time gives me the first
line and a blinking cursor without further action.

        | 2 lines are shown s3c2410_udc: debugfs dir creation failed -19
        | power_supply bat: driver faild to report 'status' properly
        It has booted "a" kernel, either the one from SD Card or fallen
        back to
        NAND one.  These are kernel messages.
        | then the screen go's black and I have to press power and AUX
        again ->
        | same lines appear again afther some time FR boots with flash
        | I folowed the wiki on Qi and Enabling console messages and Put
        | "rootdelay=" in append-GTAXX like so:
        This append-GTAXX would be append-GTA02 in this case, just
        making sure.
Yes it is append-GTA02!

        | But.... no starting up from SD.
        Sounds like you are actually starting up from somewhere just not
        all the way.
What can I do further, where can I find new information?
I've been reading about git and saw a patch but I don't understand how
to use it. Where can I find info on this?



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