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Thu Dec 18 11:06:56 CET 2008

Joel Newkirk <freerunner at> writes:
> Still waiting for an answer from OM. (I posted a question in this thread
> Friday regarding Tanatalum instead of Ceramic cap - the difference being
> $0.25 vs $2 each in qty 100, and my radio guy thinks Tant is a good choice
> for filtering, but waiting for word from Steve or Jeorg)

Joel, Joerg overlooked your question on the community mailing list,
you should have asked at hardware list instead. I asked him on IRC:
here's the answer:

12:57 < PaulFertser> DocScrutinizer: could you please answer a
question wrt capacitor type for the gsm buzz fix? Joel Newkirk asks
whether he can use tantalum instead of ceramic ones as tantalum are
much cheaper and he's going to perform a rework on a reasonable
quantity of units (IIRC).
13:00 < DocScrutinizer> PaulFertser: we don't have any tantalum caps
here, and I would guess they are just too big. I was about to suggest
a free caeramic cap for everyone asking for it. actually I'll bring a
handfull of those to Germany on Sunday
13:00 < DocScrutinizer> PaulFertser: technically there is nothing
wrong with tantalum
13:01 < DocScrutinizer> though I'd guess they are somewhat harder to
solder, as they're basically electrolytic caps and so won't stand much
13:01 < PaulFertser> DocScrutinizer: if you don't mind, i'm going to
post your answer on the community mailing list in the corresponding
13:02 < DocScrutinizer> go ahead, you're welcome
13:02 < DocScrutinizer> just quote this dialog is fine
13:04 < DocScrutinizer> also, to whom it may concern, I plan to join
25C3 congress in Berlin, and maybe rework a couple of devices there
for free, or at very least give away caps

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