Stage of GTA03 development?

DJDAS djdas at
Thu Dec 18 12:31:25 CET 2008

Michael Zanetti ha scritto:
> As It seems this thread is becoming more and more some sort of a whish-list, I 
> will put my 2ct here also:
> - Please don't add a camera: Has ever anyone made a picture with a mobile 
> phone camera that doesn't suck? Get a real camera if you want to make some 
> nice pictures! There is just one way to get a useful camera within a mobile 
> phone: Using very expensive optical lens and zooming technologies. But in that 
> case, I'd prefer to use the money for a 3G modem which brings me to the next 
> point in my whishlist.
> - 3G connectivity: Although it is very expensive, I think we _really_ need 
> this one. I know so many people who would like to buy a Freerunner, but they 
> don't do so because of the missing UMTS connectivity.
> - The rest could stay just as it is in GTA 02. Im perfectly happy with it. 
> Perhaps the slow Glamo could be exchanged... But afaik this is done already...
> Cheers,
> Michael
+3! (me, myself and I :P)

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