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Thu Dec 18 12:34:56 CET 2008


"Micha? Brzozowski" <rusolis at> writes:
> Andy Green wrote:
>> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
>> | Okay; two Freerunner units, one restores semi-okay, one's screen
>> | typically goes all black after an otherwise successful restore (not
>> | before showing the appropriate display for a moment though), doesn't
>> I wouldn't assume this is a kernel issue, but if you think it might be,
>> you should try andy-tracking kernel from git or here:
>> and see if it changes the behaviour.
>> The suspend and resume action is very different in these 2.6.28 kernels.
> Andy, where do I get modules for this kernel?  My phone doesn't wake up 
> from suspend.  Can that happen because there are no modules installed 
> for 2.6.28 on the rootfs?

I'm afraid you need at least c59a8bdc7ca4b5470ebc43dfc31ed1d3d23a7c6f
to get stable operation with suspend/resume working. The latest image
at Andy's is from Dec 5, and the revision i use on the phone is from
Dec 8.

I suggest you compile the kernel as well as relevant modules
yourself. Or ask Andy to update his private directory. :)

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