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Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Thu Dec 18 12:57:34 CET 2008


Andy Green <andy at> writes:
> | I'm afraid you need at least c59a8bdc7ca4b5470ebc43dfc31ed1d3d23a7c6f
> | to get stable operation with suspend/resume working. The latest image
> | at Andy's is from Dec 5, and the revision i use on the phone is from
> | Dec 8.
> Sounds right...
> | I suggest you compile the kernel as well as relevant modules
> | yourself. Or ask Andy to update his private directory. :)
> I am sitting on another update to power management stuff from Ben Dooks
> locally the last week until I can confirm it didn't do to GTA02 resume
> what the last update did.  Since I am in the hellworld of trying to get
> GTA03 resume working it might not happen immediately.

Oh, good luck with GTA03 resume then. Resume never was easy :)

Andy, i still think it'd be good if you updated the kernel in you
directory for GTA02 to the one that can actually resume (as the rev is
known, it shouldn't be that hard). People started to try andy-tracking
and not everybody can easily compile it himself. Qi update (that
includes that fancy UI ;) ) would also be good.

BTW, do i understand it right, that the latest pm stuff from Ben
should fix BT-not-working-after-resume problem? Is it a known issue
or should i provide dmesg for the case?

Happy hacking!
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