Version 2 -- New community distribution hackable1

Marcus Bauer mbauer at
Thu Dec 18 13:13:12 CET 2008

On Wed, 17 Dec 2008 15:51:13 +0100
Sascha Wessel <wessel at> wrote:
> why do we need another distribution? The better solution would be to
> include the packages into debian, isn't it? This way everyone
> benefits.

Technically it is not really another distribution. It is the port of the
GTK phone and PIM suite onto Debian and thus rather close to GNOME
Mobile. thus

 a) it is a home for GTK hackers and C hackers while still open
    to C++, Python or whatever else you like
 b) we are stabilizing the platform so that VARs start to see the
    Freerunner as a serious base which is good for Openmoko 
 c) we are working on making it usable as a phone which is good
    for everybody

> One of your goals seems to be the prebuild tarball.

I have done one and a half years of flashing over and over again and
I'm so sick of it ;-)

The tarball is a great way to install in minutes a distribution
without need for dfu-util or problems with servers. Once it is there,
you can upgrade single packages with apt-get.

In any case, flash images will follow.


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