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Thu Dec 18 13:15:54 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Oh, good luck with GTA03 resume then. Resume never was easy :)

Linus loves it too

''Now, suspend/resume debugging is some of the nastiest crud around...''

| Andy, i still think it'd be good if you updated the kernel in you
| directory for GTA02 to the one that can actually resume (as the rev is
| known, it shouldn't be that hard). People started to try andy-tracking
| and not everybody can easily compile it himself. Qi update (that
| includes that fancy UI ;) ) would also be good.

Right... I'll try sort it later today.

| BTW, do i understand it right, that the latest pm stuff from Ben
| should fix BT-not-working-after-resume problem? Is it a known issue
| or should i provide dmesg for the case?

No it's something else to do with Balaji regulator changes, that's what
the warnings are in dmesg.  The solution might not be simple because the
regulator stuff is now going upstream.

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