[QTExtended] cannot store alsa state

Giorgio Marci ledzgio at writeme.com
Thu Dec 18 13:48:13 CET 2008

 Where are stored these files? there is a specific file state to store or
can i store any file in any directory? and if yes, how can i set alsa to
use that particular file?


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  On Thursday 18 December 2008, Giorgio Marci wrote:
  > I adjust the volume on QTExt 4.4.2 using alsamixer and then i'd
  like to
  > store its state, but the command
  > alsactl -f path_to_file.state store
  > doesn't seem to work and, after that i make or receive a call, the
  > returns to default!
  > How can i save the alsa state permanently?

  The command looks correct, but you need to give it the right path and
  for the state you are trying to modify. You could always take a copy
  of the
  file before and after, and diff them to check your changes have been
  saved. I
  assume you know there are multiple state files that the applications
  switch between as required.

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