Default IP Address on All Distributions

Andreas Fischer cyberfrag at
Thu Dec 18 16:14:06 CET 2008

Marcel wrote:
> Am Thursday 18 December 2008 16:46:55 schrieb Esben Stien:
>> Why on earth would you choose 192.168.0.*?
>> This is probably the most common IP address on an internal network in
>> the world and of course this means problems.

Well... no - with a sane routing configuration that shouldn't be much of
a problem. I have a 192.168.0 network at home and have no problems
accessing my freerunner without changing IPs.

>> If your network is configured with this IP range and you pop a
>> freerunner in, it of course cause a world of pain. Please choose a
>> more sensible default.
> Nearly every network I know uses 192.168.1.*, so the default is perfectly 
> fine... Although something like 192.168.64.* could be statistically more 
> failsafe.

Actually in that case I would avoid all powers of two. A higher prime
number, like 97, might be a good choice...

But eventually someone is always going to get into trouble, so maybe the
better route would be to clearly explain how to avoid routing
misconfiguration and how to change the default IP (which is done in
/etc/network/interfaces fyi).

Andreas Fischer

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